Own A Racing Website

Owning a Horse Racing Website or Running a Horse Racing Tipping Site

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

If you are a tipster and want to give your tips away either for free (such as this blog) or through a membership service such as my high ROI racing tips site www.ukhorseracingtipster.com then this page is for you.

There are some things you need to consider before going "live", or "making money" and this page is a collection of the knowledge I have gained through my own lifetime creating and running horse racing websites (7 so far).

1. Prove yourself as a tipster first

Before people are going to be willing to part money each month or week to buy your racing tips they are going to need proof that they are not duds or just a list of odds on favourites picked out of the Racing Post.

Before I started www.ukhorseracingtipster.com I ran this site for over a year giving away my own horse racing tips for free proving to people that my systems work.

As you can see from this page which explained why I was moving to UK Horse Racing Tipster multiple people congratulated me on the blog postings so far and as you can see from this page of results I had many days of winning tips and long runs of multi day place accumulators.

Therefore before I even considered charging people for tips I had to prove to my readers, and myself, that the systems worked. Otherwise there would be no point in going ahead with a membership service.

2. Creating your horse racing website

The first thing you want to do, even if your not ready to go live, is get your horse racing site up online as soon as possible - even if it has hardly any content or looks rubbish.

The longer a website is online the better it is for SEO (search engine optimisation) as the length of time a site has been live counts a lot towards it's ranking by search engines.

If you don't have the money to pay for a developer to build your website for you then there are some free options such as using Googles blogger (which is how I created this blog) or Wordpress and Tumblr to create a horse racing blog or horse racing tips site for free.

Whilst blogger is good and easy to get up running you might want to consider hosting your own website and buying a domain name to point to it. You can host sites cheaply on places like uk.godaddy.com or whole virtual servers (depending on how much traffic you are expecting) on cloud based systems like rackspace.

This will cost more money (more depending on your traffic) and there is nothing stopping you from buying a domain on www.123-reg.co.uk for a few pounds a year and pointing it to your blogspot blog or wordpress.com site. 

However with free sites and content management systems you will be limited in the functionality you can control as you don't have access to the full source code. This makes adding custom plugins and widgets a lot harder unless they are all built using client side technologies such as HTML or JavaScript.

However these decisions are all dependant on how complex you are planning your horse racing site to look.

As you can see from this blogspot or my automated tips site I have managed to make it look pretty good without much work.

I have feeds that contain horse race cards, results, tweets from my account and affiliate links for people wanting to join bookmakers and get free bets.

If you cannot do this yourself then I am available for hire as a horse racing website specialist and offer to do the following for a price:
  1. Help design and build your horse racing website either for a percentage (if it's offering paid membership) or a flat fee.
  2. Help create custom feeds by mashing up existing feeds with Yahoo pipes or writing code to format feeds in a unique way for your site. Just view the side bar of my own horse racing websites. These could be horse race results, up coming races, going, non runner reports or lists of any other data you have access to.
  3. Develop custom widgets for code you are hosting yourself in a variety of languages from PHP, JavaScript to C#.
  4. Help with your SEO by providing links from numerous other horse racing related websites to your own which will help with your sites relevance (all important in SEO) as well as tweeting about it (if it's good enough). Also if you are using Wordpress I can help automate a lot of the SEO work you need to do such as automatically tweeting your posts to numerous accounts so you don't have to (with relevant #Hashtags e.g jockey names #APMcCoy or race names #HennessyGoldCup etc.
  5. Create automatic BOTS to post tweets to your account about your site. Or even thank new followers when they follow you.
If you want to hire me as a developer for work on your own horse racing site, SEO, plugin development or anything else then please use the contact me for development work form on the main site.

3. Promote yourself

Promoting your website will get you noticed. On my new site I have a page that lists other horse racing sites that provide free tips: ukhorseracingtipster.com/uk-tipster-online/other-sites. The site can have a paid for members only area as well but as long as there are some free tips on the page I am willing to put a link up on this page to your site.All I ask for in return is a link back to my own site.

Also not only do you have to think about search engines crawling your site but you have to handle hackers, spammers and other users that will try to attack your site.

I can help by writing custom .htaccess rules to block spammers and hackers as well as offering other security advice depending on your system setup. However getting your site high in the rankings for search terms such as "horse racing" or "racing tips" is going to be very hard due to the number of sites already ranking highly for that.

Therefore if you can find search terms that are highly searched for but have low competition from other sites then you should look into optimising your site around these words. These are called long tail keywords. For example: UK Horse Racing Tips, UK Horse Racing Tipsters, Free UK Horse Racing Tips.

You can find out the amount of competition different search terms have and their popularity with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Just enter the terms in the box at the top and then find out how much they are searched for.

You want a combination of high global and monthly searches and low competition for those terms.

Once you have found the terms you can use them to create your sites domain name, site title as well as using them for the names of your social media accounts (Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages, Google+ communities etc).

If you notice, Google+ is becoming more and more important in SEO nowadays and many searches will return related Google+ accounts, pages and communities which can then be used to promote your site.

Do not expect your site to come at the top of Google within the first 6 months, it takes lots of time. This is why the longer your site is up and searchable the better it will be for you when it goes live. Just ensure that while you are building your site it has TITLE META tags, keywords you want to target on your pages and content full of keyword specific content so that Google / BING can find and index it whilst you are designing and building it.

However DO NOT stuff your pages with keywords as this will be seen as spam. An example would be a homepage with nothing on it but text full of horse racing terms that make no sense to a reader.

Even if your site is not completed you should be able to search for your website name e.g www.ukhorseracingtipster.com and appear top in Google for them within a month or so - this is where leaving an unfinished site online as you work on it helps.

The longer the site is live the better it is for SEO.

Getting one or more Twitter accounts is a must and as well as Twitter you should create a Facebook page, a Google+ page and Community like my Google+ free tips community which allows anyone to post their own free tips for visitors. I also have presences on other social media sites like LinkedIn or Tumblr.

However writing unique content for all these sites is hard work and you should try and automate it as much as possible. E.G when a new post comes onto the site it should automatically post a link or snippet to all your social media sites and if you can make the snippets different then all the better.

Wordpress has tools that let you automatically post your articles to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+. However they do not let you add #Hashtags to the content which is important as it signifies what the content is about and helps people search for your content by #hashtag alone.

If you notice my own twitter feed for www.ukhorseracingtipster.com @ukhorseracetips I automatically post every news story I show as a twitter post with relevant #hashtags made up from keywords within the article such as horse names e.g #Frankel.

You can do this with plugins such as my own TweetBot on WordPress or other plugins that are linked to all the social networks.

I can offer search engine optimisation work and site promotion in the following ways.
  1. I can sell you advertising space on any of my websites.
  2. I can help you create your social media websites and help link up your site with them. If you are using a hosted Wordpress site I can install my own Strictly Tweetbot plugin and configure it to automatically tweet to multiple Twitter accounts OR different message formats depending on the content of your articles.
  3. With Wordpress I can also help configure your site tags and Strictly AutoTags a very popular plugin that will not only deep link your tags such as horse, trainer and jockey names but also hunt out and find new tags for your site to use without you lifting a finger.
  4. Getting back links from other horse racing sites is important however bulk purchasing links from any old directory service is just going to hurt your SEO. Therefore contact me and other racing sites if you want a link exchange. Attempting comment spam techniques using tools available online will only get you blacklisted and your domain flagged as a spammer. However writing a useful comment on an article with a relevant link to the piece back to your own site is not spam and more likely to work. If you want to find out whether Wordpress based sites and other sites that use Akismet to determine comment spam think you are a comment spammer then you can use this free tool to find out what Akistmet will think when you post a comment to a website: Comment Spam Test Tool.

4. Monetise your site

If you are not selling membership to your site then you will want to earn money from your free tips in other ways.
  1. This can be from bookmaker affiliate links and you can find a directory to all the main sites in one place on my Horse Racing Tools page.
  2. You can try placing PayPal donate buttons on your site but I don't think anyone is going to give you any money from this method unless they win a lot of money from your tips. However it is worth a try.
  3. If you are not using the free WordPress.com site e.g a self hosted WordPress site or a blogspot blog then you can show banner adverts on your site which you can advertise for or get from bookmaker affiliate sites. Google won't allow you to show AdSense adverts on sites related to horse racing tips so other advertising is your only choice.
  4. Sell membership to your tips. Tempt users with some free tips and then provide a premium section for those people who want to pay money for them. There are many plugins for Wordpress already out there so you can utilise these to charge members for different services.

5. Other Horse Racing Development

As I am a web developer by trade with expertise in the racing industry having worked on a variety of websites including: www.fromthestables.com,  www.ukhorseracingtipster.com, ukhorseracingautobot.blogspot.co.uk and www.the-jag.com

I can offer a variety of custom services depending on your own needs however please do not insult me by asking for a whole website that has casino games on it, betting and looks like Bet365.com for a £100!

These sites take years to build and involve dozens of developers and £100 would get you about half a days work from one person. Therefore think wisely first, do your homework on what domain registration, hosting and building websites involves before deciding on what you can afford.

If you want a site like this then a few hundred pounds would get it for you, plus you have no hosting fees or costs for domain registration (e.g www.mysite.com ). However you may already have a site and need work increasing it's performance or adding features.

Therefore if you are thinking about custom programming for your website contact me.

This can be client side JavaScript widgets or server-side code including .htaccess rules for security, help analysing and improving database and server performance, suggesting which Wordpress plugins to use and much more.

You might want to consider your own "Auto Tweeter BOT" that will take one or more RSS / XML feeds and sends reformatted and shortened versions of news stories or other information to your Twitter account at scheduled times.

An example would be my @horseraceinfo account which provides details about racing results and promotional information about my own sites.You will be surprised how much inbound traffic you get from Twitter and Google+.

I have also just written a PHP based Twitter Auto responder which you can use for your own Twitter account to tell new followers about your site by direct messaging them back. Twitter has now stopped the sending of lots of (what they consider spam) links in DM messages, especially automated responses.

However you can still mention your Twitter profile (where the user can find your site link) and that your site is full of free bets, tips and articles.

If you want to buy your own version of my Twitter DM Responder you will need to create an application in your twitter account and then set the right parameters up for this to work. I'm selling this for £150 with instructions over email. It will run from a CRON job on your webserver at set intervals and I can also set this up for you for a price.

Also please remember that just owning a horse racing website with affiliate adverts on it DOES NOT automatically mean you will make money! 

You need to put in the hard work, writing new content, optimising it for SEO, monetising it, making people aware of it and ensuring all the social media involved is kept relevant and fresh.

A lot of this work you can automate but you need to know how. However the more time you can spend doing interesting things and not doing laborious jobs like tweeting or adding Facebook comments the better..

I specialise in automation so if you are interested in any custom work on your own horse racing tipping site then let me know.

It is easy to contact me on my main site www.ukhorseracingtipster.com (admin AT domain then add a dot, and put com at the end. The email is in the green scroller at the top of the page.

Therefore if you need widgets or custom code I am available for hire - but be warned I am not an Indian so I won't offer you the world for a tenner! If you want to go down that route then good luck but prepared for a nightmare in getting what you want.


  1. Great article - lots of useful infor!

    I will most definitley be making use of it for my own soon to be coming tipster website!

  2. wow found this website amazing great gob im juts starting my own tipping site and your info will help alot have u got any advice for getting traffic to site ect.....and any other tips my email is langy87@hotmail.co.uk
    many thanks

    1. hi could really do with your help if possible if u could email me would be fantastic thanks langy87@hotmail.co.uk

    2. Well it depends on what you want. SEO tips are in the article. I would get your site up early so it gets crawled, ensure you have a sitemap and a link to it in your Robots.txt file. Then ensure all your posts are automatically posted to as many social media sites as possible. If you use Wordpress (self hosted) then this can be done easily.
      Automation is key when you have a day job like I do!

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    4. Hi, not sure what you mean as the link to "contact a developer" up the page works and the email address is easy to work out if you speak English (it's to stop scrapers). http://www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/uk-tipster-online/need-developer/ is the link you need to fill out.

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