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Take The Chances When You Can To Milk Those Bookies!

Take The Chances When You Can To Milk Those Bookies!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster
If you have been following my own tips lately then you should have made a decent amount of money from what I call "Milking The Bookies".
This involves joining a new bookies when a good racing opportunity comes along to take full advantage of their free bet registration offer.
You can get anywhere from £1 to £500 in free bets by doing this and if you want more information read my free bet system for more info.
Just recently we have had some great opportunities to milk the bookies by taking their free bet offers or their increased prices on special races such as Coral's 1/1 on The New One.
These opportunities don't come round often so you have to grab them when you can and we have had the following in the last month or so which I have tipped to my readers on various social media sites and UK Horse Racing Tipster.
WIN - Hurricane Fly - he won his 19th Grade 1 Hurdle - winning tip!
LAY - Big Buck's - he lost - winning tip!
WIN - Annie Power - she won - winning tip!
WIN - Prime Exhibit - he won - winning tip!
WIN - The New One - Special 1/1 offer with Coral - he won - winning tip!
WIN - Sire De Grugy - 3/1 - winning tip!
So since Christmas you could have made a few hundred quid at least from just taking up the free bookies sign up or special race offers and price boosts. I did and so should have you!
Only the other day I wrote an article called Rinse and Repeat - How to milk the Bookies  in which I tipped Big Buck's to lose, Annie Power to win and Hurricane Fly to win this weekend - they all did.
Today's last milking came from Hurricane Fly who took his tally of Grade 1 victories to 19!
However it was a much closer race than his last two as Our Conor jumped the last fence in front of him and Ruby Walsh had to pull out the whip to get his horse past him again.
Then it was a frantic race to the finish line with all the challengers trying to impose themselves on Hurricane Fly and Our Conor hot on his heals. However he managed to keep them at bay showing what a good horse he really is and Ruby took him over the winners line at Leopardstown to win the Irish Champion Hurdle for the 4th time!
As my old Bookie mate "The Jag" said, you've never seen a fly until you've seen a Hurricane Fly.
Also if you're interested Ladbrokes free video of the race if you place a bet is a lot better than Betfairs little window.
At least you can maximise it on your PC screen and then connect it to your TV by an HDMI cable. It almosts fills up the middle of a widescreen but it's still in a 4:3 ratio. However a big picture is much better than a tiny one so think of Ladbrokes and their £50 free bet offer (on horses with odds above 1/2) next time you want to go milking or viewing a bet!
Remember the idea behind "milking" the bookies is to rotate between new ones you haven't joined yet and then take advantage of their free registration offer to get a free bet by backing a good horse.
The price maybe low, as low as 1.20 for Annie Power on Saturday, but the free £50 bet you get on top of your £50 stake being returned with an extra £10 (£110 total) is what we are after not a big price on the runner.
Once you have won, you return your stake plus winnings to your bank account. This is so you haven't lost a penny and then you keep your free £50 bet, or whatever amount you used, in the bookmakers online account to be used on the next "sure thing", well as close as you can get in Horse Racing.
Even if you lose this bet you have still not lost a penny and potentially gained a few as well. If you are clever and manage to get another great tip from this site within your bookmakers time limit to spend it -  usually between 7 and 30 days - then you can make even more money before withdrawing that money as well.
I like keeping some money from my free bet stash in each bookies account so that I can have free bets when I feel like it and not have to worry about my bank manager scanning my account wondering whether or not to send me a Gamblers Anonymous card in the post with my next bank statement.
Personally I let my AutoBOT make my money for me by laying horses and doing the occassional place accumulator. However when it comes to the big racing events I do tend to dip my toe in the water and hopefully use a new bookie to increase my revenue.
Most important of all I always put any winnings straight back into my bank once I have won and the cash is available to desposit.
There is no point in winning money from the bookies if you are going to give it straight back to them so don't!
Withdraw and spend it on yourself otherwise you are just another mug handing over your wages for a short rush whilst you watch the race and your horse lose.
So read the free bet system to find out more about it and next time I tell you on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to join a bookie to milk them you will know what I mean!
By the way today was a good day with the free horse racing tips with 8 wins including all 4 lays, 2 of which were odds on favourites.
NAP - Hurricane Fly - 1st - WON
7th step of multi day accumulator - Hurricane Fly - won
LAY - Jezki - 4th - WON
LAY - Silver Gent (1.8) - 2nd - WON
LAY - Swatow Typhoon (1.57) - 4th - WON
LAY - Sterling Stuff - 7th - WON
WIN - Hurricane Fly - 1st - WON
WIN - Quickpick Vic - 1st - WON
If you want to join the site and get full members tips then check out the following link: Why join The UK Horse Racing Tipster website. You can trial us for a whole month for only £15 or get a monthly subscription for just £25.
Full members get access to over 515 systems tips (only ones that are performing well at the time), NAP lists from 60+ tipsters including multiple NAPS from 12 tipsters who work purely for this site. They also get my Extra Members Tips and special offers and deals on other websites.
Members also get full access to all the articles on trading, managing risk, betting plans and algorithims to help with overlay trade betting which is trade betting to ensure you win money whether the horse wins or loses the race.
So next time I talk about milking bookies you will know what I mean. It's simply taking the bookies free cash and using it to our advantage.
If you can wait between bets then you are on the right track. If you HAVE to bet every day I suggest contacting Gamblers Anonymous.
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Friday, 24 January 2014

Big Buck's, At Fishers Cross and Annie Power race tomorrow

Big Buck's, At Fishers Cross and Annie Power race tomorrow

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster
If you know I am in hospital tomorrow but I have stayed up late to see what my AutoBOT has ranked the two big races from tomorrow which I have bets on.
The first is the Class 1 Grade 2, Cleeve Hurdle Handicap.
Run over 3m on a current going of soft this is the race in which Big Buck's who is unbeaten for 18 runs in a row,  makes his come back after an injury.
However he has been off for a year, not raced competitively and I have heard whispers connections don't expect him to be up to his pre-injury best.
I have also heard that At Fishers Cross has got over his "fear" of jumping the last few hurdles and if true could take Big Buck's on for a true race.
If not then Reve de Sivola who my BOT ranks second or Boston Bob could be the challengers to Big Buck's chance of a straight 19 wins in a row.
As you can see my AutoBOT ranks Big Buck's at 572 and Boston Bob at 420 with At Fishers Cross at 371Big Buck's who I managed to lay below 1.80 is now up to 2.16 (Back) and 2.20 (Lay).
So Big Buck's is drifting in price from his Antepost market position. Whether money flocks in right before the race I have no idea but this is the state of play right now.
A £5 win double on SkyBet will return me over £170, plus if I lose I get another £5 bet for Monday with their free bet club.
Cheltenham 15:35 Cleeve Hurdle - Class 1 Grade 2
HorseORMy RatingPrice
Big Buck's1745722.16 SP
Reve de Sivola1623414.50 7/2
Boston Bob1504204.50 7/2
At Fishers Cross1603719.00 8/1
Knockara Beau145441.00 40/1
Quartz de Thaix14712351.00 50/1

The other race I tipped in my previous article was Annie Power. She is racing in the class 1 handicap, Mares' Hurdle. It's run over 2m 110y and the going is currently Good to Soft, Soft in places.
Trained by the great Willie Mullins she has an AutoBOT rating of 988 due to yet being unbeaten and having raced and won in the last few months.
She has Going, Level, Distance and Jockey experience but hasn't run round the Doncaster track before which is the only disadvantage she has with rivals Cockney Sparrow and Alasi.
Compared to Big Buck's who may have won 18 in a row the reason her score is higher than his will be down to the lack of recent racing the old horse has had.
As you can see Annie Power is about 1.18 / 2/11 at the moment, a very skinny price, but if you join Betfair you can get your qualifying bet (the one that gets you your free cash) by betting on horses with a price of 1.20 (1/5) or more.
So I would suggest if you want to milk a bookie tomorrow to join Betfair and use your £50 registration bet to put a bet as early as possible on Annie Power and set it to LAPSE if the price isn't matched. If you set it to use the SP then you might get a lower price than 1.20 and won't get your free money back.
The earlier you put your bet on the better. I put my Lay bet on Big Buck's two days ago now and got 1.80 he is now above evens.
Doncaster 14:05 Mares' Hurdle - Class 1 Grade 2
HorseORMy RatingPrice
Annie Power1659881.18 2/11
Cockney Sparrow1472795.50 9/2
Doyly Carte1409223.00 22/1
Alasi13814226.00 25/1
Pass The Time12389101.00 100/1

Remember I believe the only thing stopping this horse is a fall and I cannot predict that, however from what I have seen, she jumps like a dream and is a possible champion at Cheltenham depending on the race she ends up entering.
So there you have it my AutoBOT's ratings and the current Betfair prices on the two big races tomorrow. Use the AutoBOT's ratings if you want but remember they are purely my own ranking system and have no relation to ORRPR or Timeform ratings.
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Rinse and Repeat - Milking The Bookies

Rinse and Repeat - Milking The Bookies

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster
At 6pm in the Ladbrokes Classified Claiming Stakes at Wolverhampton I just won £45 on Prime Exhibit using a free £25 bet from William Hill.

Now I can take that cash out and put it back in the bank. Another bookie milked!
However new bookies are coming on the scene all the time and hopefully I will be putting up some more links on the site soon so that any of you following the Free Bet System and milk bookies by using their free registration offers can make some more money.
Personally I am in hospital tomorrow for an operation but hopefully I will get out in time for the big races tomorrow afternoon. If not and YOU WANT TO EARN SOME FREE MONEY then there are some big names running over the weekend and you could use the free bet system and registration offers to your advantage.
Remember to always make use of the bookies free bet offers and use THEIR MONEY not your own. Just register to their sites from the links on my site and on a computer or phone to get the free offers as shops don't do them!
Weekend Possibilities
Lay Bet - Big Buck's
Big Buck's is running in the 15:35 Cleeve Hurdle at Cheltenham. He is 1/1 on Betfair so not much value but he normally ran at prices of 1/10 odds on before he got injured. However he has had a year off after that injury and I suspect he may need a run before getting back to his best.
Personally I have laid him on Betfair at 1.80 for a little bit of cash so that if he loses I win £20 and if he wins I only lose £16 e.g not much. He is currently 2.02 on the Antepost market. Therefore if he is now drifting in price I suspect people think he may not win after reading the recent news that connections don't expect him to be up to his previous best tomorrow. A good sign to lay then!
Therefore if you like laying he might be worth it on the logic that:
  • He has not raced competitively for a year.
  • He was injured so could re-injure himself.
  • Connections are not sure he will race like he used to.
  • Sprinter Sacre was pulled up early recently and if he does have trouble he could be in the same position.
  • Many big names have lost this season against everyone's expectations.
I am hoping one of the other runners such as Reve de SivolaBoston Bob or even At Fishers Cross who has had 2 appalling last runs could take Big Buck's on tomorrow.
Back Tips
Anyway there is a short priced but 99% guaranteed win on the unbeaten Annies Power at 14:05 in Doncaster in the Mares' Hurdle.
She is as short as 1/6 on with SkyBet but you can join Betfair hereput up to £50 in, bet up to £50 on your first race on anything above 1/5 or 1.2 (on Betfair) which is exactly her price right now!
Even if she has dropped put the bet in at 1.20 and I suspect the bet will get matched by tomorrow if not use the daily market to place the bet after midnight.
So if you want a free £50 click this link to join Betfair right now.
  • Join Betfair.
  • Add £50 to your account from a debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • Go to the Antepost or daily market for the race which is the 14:05 Mares' Hurdle at Doncaster.
  • Hit the blue button in the middle (blue = back / pink = lay) and add £50 to win at a price of 1.2 or more.
Full details on joining Betfair and placing bets can be found on the free bet system page which uses Betfair as an example to place a bet on an old Sprinter Sacre race which we won. However the idea is simple
  • Join bookies.
  • Deposit money.
  • Bet on a "sure thing", as much as there can be one, at odds above the minimum set in the sites Terms and Conditions.
  • Win or maybe lose.
  • Collect your free bet.
  • Put the money back in your bank account.
  • Rinse and Repeat.
Also the Champion Hurdler Hurricane Fly is running on Sunday in the BHP Insurance Irish Champion Hurdle at 14:35 Leopardstown.
He is about 1/2 on at the moment so another horse to use with bookies that allow odds on bets to get a free bet back e.g Betfair 1/5 or more or Ladbrokes who let you bet between £5 and £50 on a horse at a price of 1/2 or more. 
Double Ross also looks like a good bet in the Trophy Chase 13:50 at Cheltenham. He won his last 2, has risen in the weights but could still win again.
I have him in a £5 double with At Fishers Cross who I hope can jump the last fence by now, with champion jockey AP riding him and beat Big Buck'sThis £5 double would pay out over £170!
If you join SkyBet you will get a free £30 bet (for betting £30 on your first bet) and then if you bet a double of £5 at 5/1 or more each week they keep paying you a free £5 bet. So consider joining SkyBet if you want a free £30 and free weekly £5 bets.
Remember full details on all the latest bet offers are available all the time on this site.
Remember to rotate around all the bookies and milk them like cows. When good bets are to be had then take them.
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sire De Grugy wins in style at Ascot and my bet for Cheltenham against Sprinter Sacre

Sire De Grugy wins in style at Ascot and my bet for Cheltenham against Sprinter Sacre

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Sire De Grugy is just sensational at the moment and he proved it again by winning the Grade One Sodexo Clarence House Chase at Ascot today with a lot in hand. He is so good in my opinion I am prepared at this stage to put my money where my mouth is and back him for Cheltenham against Sprinter Sacre.

His superb jump that split the two leaders at that point, Kauto Stone and Hidden Cyclone was just amazing and it shot the two runners apart and shocked the horses, jockeys and viewers alike it seemed.

He then carried on to take the race by the reigns. Up until that point he had been happy to sit at the back until previous winner and runner-up Somersby fell at an early fence. He then moved slowly up the pack before slicing the leaders like a block of cheese and from then on it was clear he would win, ears pricked, and racing for the sheer fun of it.

Sire De Grugy winning the Grade One Sodexo Clarence House Chase at Ascot today Sire De Grugy winning the Grade One Sodexo Clarence House Chase at Ascot

I am glad he was my NAP of the day. I am also glad I had a side bet on to Lay Hidden Cyclone as well

You can see my pre-race Tweet here where I was crossing fingers and tapping wood all at once!

Then afterwards it was pure joy for me.

I had been telling everyone on Facebook to make some free money by using one of the Bookies on the right hand side and hopefully some of them took my lead.

In my own eyes this was one of the nearest races you could get to a "sure thing" and a race it is worth joining a new bookies on your PC or phone just to use the free registration bet.

If Somersby hadn't fallen then maybe it "might" have been different but then that could be said at Christmas when Sprinter Sacre was pulled up unexpectedly in the Tingle Creek even though Sire De Grugy was already way in front.

Personally I think Sire De Grugy could take on Sprinter Sacre and win at Cheltenham in The Queen Monther Champion Chase at Cheltenham.

On odds checker Sprinter Sacre is still favourite at 10/11 with SkyBet with Sire De Grugy 3/1.

Therefore there is value in Sire De Grugy and from his performances so far he looks the business. Plus we cannot be sure without seeing Sprinter Sacre run AND win again before Cheltenham, that he won't have similar heart issues as he had in the Christmas Tingle Creek Chase.

So personally I will be using some of the free bet money I have stashed in various bookies across the land to put a bet on Sire De Grugy and oppose Sprinter Sacre (who I loved last year), just in case there are issues and the contender can rise to the occasion.

Also we have another bout of Cheltenham next week and there are some big races next Saturday including:

  • 12:40 JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial (A Juvenile Hurdle) (Registered As Finesse Juvenile Hurdle) (Grade 2) Cl1 2m1f
  • 1:15 Timeform Novices´ Handicap Chase Cl2 2m5f
  • 1:50 Trophy Chase (A Handicap) (Grade 3) Cl1 2m5f
  • 2:25 Argento Chase (Registered As Cotswold Chase) (Grade 2) Cl1 3m1f110y
  • 3:00 Neptune Investment Management Novices´ Hurdle (Registered As Classic Novices´ Hurdle) (Grade 2) Cl1 2m4f110y
  • 3:35 Cleeve Hurdle (Grade 2) Cl1 3m
  • 4:10 Steel Plate And Sections Handicap Hurdle Cl2 2m1f

The Cleeve Hurdle is the race in which Big Buck's is supposedly going to make his return to the race track after spending last year off from an injury.

In this regards he may be worth opposing depending on the final line up and we have seen so many mishaps and upsets this year in the National Hunt that anything could happen.

We have seen At Fishers Cross fall twice at the end of races he should have won on last years form. We have seen Sprinter Sacre pulled up with a bad heart, Cue Card start the season with a poor show before winning a great race running the whole way from the front. We have seen My Tent Or Yours beat The New One and we have seen stars fall and lose all over the place.

Therefore we don't know how Big Buck's will return in what trainer Paul Nichols calls a "poisoned chalice" for jockey Daryl Jacob. As Paul says, if Big Buck's won it would be down to the horse, if he lost his run of 18 wins it would be down to the jockey.

The ride will instead be taken instead by Sam Twiston-Davies. This in itself could be a mark for opposing him as since Big Buck's fall in the Hennesy Gold Cup in 2008, his unbeaten 18 wins in a row have all been from 2 jockey's.

16 from Ruby Walsh who now rides for Willie Mullins and 2 from Champion Jockey AP McCoy who rode him to victory in the Long Walk Hurdle and the grade 2 Long Distance Hurdle in 2010.

Both rides were consecutive in November and December 2010 and at very short favourite prices of 2/7 and 2/13. Therefore Paul Nicholls maybe right in his assessment that if Big Buck's were to lose after such a long lay off the blame could be unfairly put on the jockey and it was clear from Daryl comments to Paul that he was not keen on riding the horse.

As Paul said: Daryl had "never given the impression that he was mad keen" to take the ride and saw it as a poisoned chalice.

Even though he is the stable jockey and has taken 163 rides for Paul Nicholls this season even 2nd and 3rd jockeys Nick Scholfield, who has had 49 rides and Harry Derham with 47 are being skipped over for Sam Twiston-Davies who has only ridden 12 times for the stable this year. Therefore Paul has put his faith in a jockey he seen as a future champion once AP McCoy stops racing.

This could be an important decision and jockey, horse relationships are as important as anything so the more a jockey knows the horse the better. A winning jockey/horse combination is a major tick in my own system and I will be looking for something to oppose this change in line up on Big Buck's return.

Remember, no horse is unbeatable, and a long winning run HAS to come to an end sometime unless retirement is on the cards. So look out for a chance to Lay a short priced Big Buck's and make sure to use the bookies free sign up cash to back a strong opposing runner as I did today with Sire De Grugy.

I just had to go and double-check on the site in question to ensure my winnings were there and my free bet had been added and it was.

It is one of the bigger free bet payers so I won quite a wad for a sign up bet and with the AutoBOT putting a LAY bet on Hidden Cyclone as well and a big place bet on Sire De Grugy for the 4th step of a multi day place accumulator I am pretty happy right now.

We had 5 winning free tip winners today and I'm glad my NAP and NB both won!

NAP - Sire De Grugy - 1st - WON
NB - Champagne West - 1st - WON

You can see the free tips in full here: and you can get them by email daily by signing up in the green form on the home page.

©2014 The UK Horse Racing Tipster

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