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The UK Horse Racing Tipster - Get Profitable Free Horse Racing Tip

The UK Horse Racing Tipster - Get Profitable Free Horse Racing Tips

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

If you haven't been following my daily free horse racing tips lately on then maybe you should be.

Not only do I post on average 8-12 daily free tips across multiple current successful systems (the tips are picked randomly from the full list available to members) but they cover NAPS from 3 of our tipsters who work purely for this site. WIN Singles, Place / Win Doubles, Place Triples, Place bets and Lay bets.

The lay bets have been doing especially well considering I am trying to target weak favourites and low-priced runners. Plus I throw in one or two higher priced horses for those people who like high strike rates and a bit of risk.

Over the last few months we have been doing very well with an average of 6.5 winning free horse racing tips a day.

Some times we even get 8, and on more than once we have even had a 100% strike rate - that's including one day when we had 10 winning systems including a WIN TRIPLE, two PLACE DOUBLES all the NAPS and 5 LAYS!

For example the last few days we have had:

Today: 2 wins and 3 lays (including 2 odds on favourites, one as low as 1.33)

Yesterday: 3 wins and 2 lays

Monday: 3 wins and 3 lays

Sunday: 4 lays and 1 win

Saturday: 4 wins and 2 lays

Friday: 4 wins and 3 lays

And last week we managed a win double and 8 wins twice. In fact since I started I don't think there has been a single day the free horse racing tips haven't had at least a couple of winning bets (WIN, PLACE or LAY).

You can always access the free tips on UK Horse Racing Tipster each day from 9.30am onwards under the Horse Racing Tips menu > Free Horse Racing Tips. Or you can sign up to receive them by email each day by filling in the pop up form or the green form on the homepage or the special page for registering for free tips.

If you have been lucky enough to make some money from the free horse racing tips lately then I would ask you to do one of the following to please show your appreciation to the site that has bringing in cash to non-members for free for years now.

I have thousands of people getting free horse racing tips each day and from the emails a lot have been making good money from them.

However it would help keep this site running and allow me to offer more tips for free and to lower the price of subcryou could show your appreciation when you make some money from the tips.

  • Sign up to one of the betting sites using the links down the right of the side, the latest betting offers page or the cheaper betting offers page. If you use one of my links it will help pay for my hosting costs! Remember you don't have to use the free bets these companies give out purely for horse racing so if you have any mates who bet on the football, rugby, cricket or tennis then please let them know about the special bet offers so that they can use them on their own favorite sports.
  • Please tell as many of your friends and contcts about the site by using the social media site of your choice. If you do use one of these social media sites please can you ensure that you "like", +1 or RT us on to your friends. We are on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter at @ukhorseracetips and @horseraceinfo. So please let your friends now about the site by whatever social medium you prefer, email, link, or even better just blog about it or use the old trick of word of mouth :). I don't mind if you send out the free tips links to Reddit or Digg if you think they are worth sharing.
  • If you have your own website or blog or just use Reddit or Digg or another "sharing" website feel free to share our free tips pages and comment on your site about the UK Horse Racing Tipster website.
  • Sign up to one of our full membership schemes. We have everything from daily tips at just £2 a day, to monthly subscriptions at £25 per month or £250 per year (save £50) or you can even trial us for a whole month for just £15. Check out all the reasons why you should join the site right here.  A membership to this site could be a great Christmas present either for yourself or someone you know who likes to bet.
  • If you have just won some decent money why don't you pass on some good Karma by sharing some of your winnings with the person who has won them for you? Why not share your good fortune by considing a small donation out of your winnings if you make a nice profit one day. A small percentage won't hurt your bank and it will show your appreciation for my free tips and hard work. If you dontate and have your own website or racing site then I promise to tweet your name and site/blog link and maybe even do a review of your site for my readers to help promote your own work.
  • If you manage to get a 80 to 100% strike rate from our free tips or even just a regular profit why not consider donating a fixed percentage (say 5% of your profits from this site) to show your appreciation by clicking the button below or the one on the home page.


However the UK Horse Racing Tipster websites offesrs a lot more besides than just great free horse racing tips.

This includes the latest free tips collated from the web and social media sites including racing Tweet NAPS and Tips, racing results, current going and non runner reports and the ability to get your own tips added to my online paper by using the hashtag #FREETIPS , and twitter tweets pages offers you the chance to get free NAPS and tips from around the web in one place.

So just remember if you have been lucky enough to be following my free tips page / or getting them by email for the last year and have made good money from the average of 6.6 winning free system bets a day then show some love with the donate button above or on the home page. Either that or consider a full membership for Christmas!

Fantasy Horse Racing - National Hunt Season 2013 - 2014

Now if you haven't heard already there is a great game just for us racing fans.

Fed up of all the chatter at work about fantasy football teams and who is trading who?

Well know you can play Fantasy Horse Racing with the National Hunt season this year. Starting on the 15th of November and running to the next year you can pick ten horses you think will bring in the money.

Will it be the big name favourites like Big Buck's, Hurricane Fly and Sir Des Champs or will you be going for the new super stars like Sprinter Sacre, Simonsig, The New One and At Fishers Cross?

You can pick up to 10 ten horses and mark one out as your "star horse". You also get to name your stable (you can have as many stables at £10 each as you want) and you even get to design the silks your jockeys wear by dragging pattern and colours to a jockeys shirt. Simple but it makes it a bit more fun that just picking 10 horses nmes.

With £400,000 to be won plus monthly prices ranging in the tens of thousands this is not a game to be sniffed at so if you consider yourself a tipsters or a good picker of jumpers then this could be the competition for you!

Just click this link to enter's ten to follow, fantasy horse racing competition.

Special Bet Offers

Now there are lots of other special bet offers which apply during the National Hunt season so please take the time to check them out.

I always show the latest bet offers on my special betting offers page as well as the cheaper offers on their own bet offers page.

However here are some kickers you should be looking at.

Here are some really special offers now that the new National Hunt jump season has started in the UK. Please always  remember that you can find out about any latest betting offers on my special latest bets page.

Also please note that not only does UK Horse Racing Tipster offer all of the following:

  • International racing news from the UK, Ireland, France, USA and Australia.
  • Latest upcoming betting prices for both win and place markets on Betfair.
  • Fast results from the latest races and a countdown to the next race.
  • Free "narrow down a winner" systems for big races like the English Derby, Grand National and Prix de l'Arc d'Triomphe.
  • Stats on win bias by course so you can find which courses lean towards favourites and which don't.
  • Great step by step how to guides for betting (lay, place, back) on Betfair.
  • Videos of great historical races from the Breeders Cup, British Champions Day, Prix de l'Arc d'Triomphe and English Classics.
  • Betting calculators to help you calculate your trades.
  • Online papers and multiple social media outlets including FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTumblr and Twitter at @ukhorseracetips and @horseraceinfo. Get your own tips into my papers by using the hashtags #FREETIPS and #HORSERACING and then get mentioned in my own tips!                                                                   
But the UK Horse Racing Tipster website offerslots more besides.

That includes the latest free tips collated from the web and social media sites including racing Tweet NAPS and Tips, racing results, current going and non runner reports and the ability to get your own tips added to my online paper by using the hashtag #NAPS or #FREETIPS.

These online horse racing newspapers locate under the menu "Horse Racing Tipster Online" offer you the chance to get free NAPS and tips from around the web all in one place without having to carry out multiple searches across Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

However if you really want to stay in your favourite social media hang out you can choose to get a subsection of racing tips, free NAPS and stories from this site either on FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTumblr and Twitter at either one of my Twitter acccounts at @ukhorseracetips or @horseraceinfo.

So just remember if you have been lucky enough to be following my free tips page / or getting them by email for the last year and have made good money from the average of 6.5 winning free system bets a day then show some love with the donate button above or on the home page.

Either that or consider a full membership for Christmas! What could be better than a membership to this site for a horse racing fan this December 25th.

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

How I Make Money From Betting On The Horses

How I Make Money From Betting On The Horses

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster
At the moment I make my money by laying horses. Lots of small bets combined together can add up to a lot of money and trading bets to  reduce the risk is a great way to make money especially if you have a BOT to put the bets on for you.
A lot of people constantly ask me how I make my money from betting on the horses and without trying to explain them every line of code from my massive AutoBOT and “BRAIN” automatic betting system then the question can be answered in the following ways.

1. I try to use the Bookmakers money as much as possible.

Why bet with your own cash when there are so many bookmakers out there willing to give out special betting offers for either new members or offers that existing members can take control of.
Some of these include

1. SkyBets free bet club.

Even if you are already a member you can rejoin this club as many times as you want. The first time you join you just need to place an accumulator bet of 5/1 or more at £5. This can obviously be a double or if you want you can go for a triple or accumulator however it must be placed before Sunday night.
If you place the bet you will be given a free £5 bet on Monday. If for whatever reason you forget to place a bet one week  you can re-join the club by placing a £10 accumulator bet (double) on a horse before the next Sunday night you want to join. So picking a couple of horses such as Magician and Wise Dan at the Breeders Cup for a double at £5 would have made you roughly £70+.

2. Corals back a faller and get your money back.

Coral are doing a great offer during November in which if your horse falls in a National Hunt race they will refund you a win single bet or the win part of  an Each Way bet up to a maximum of £25.
So with plenty of fallers in every jump season Coral could be place for you to bet with, especially over those hard jumping courses like Cheltenham or Aintree. If you are not a member you get a free bet up to £50 and if you are a member you can still take part in this special offer. Click here to start betting with Coral and take them up on their refund for fallers system.

Totesport Fantasy Horse Racing are having a fantasy racing competition, a bit like fantasy football, in which you can win up to £400k!.
Players just need to select 10 horses to compete in the competition which runs from Friday 15th November to Saturday 5th Apriland a £10 entry gives you 16 chances to win!
So why not join in the fantasy racing at and pick yourself some winners! New members also get a free £10 bet when they deposit £5!

Managing Risk

I have found through years of betting that the systems you follow are unimportant. What is important is how you manage your risk. If you are the sort of person who can’t help but dabble and place your own bets when a system you are following says not to then you are going to lose out.
The same goes for me, I constantly make money when I just let my AutoBOT bet for me but when I watch the racing and put some bets on of my own I tend to just screw things up. A profitable day can be turned into a losing one when you “place just one more bet” after getting a nice win or chase your loses down to your last pound instead of waiting until another day.
If lady luck is not on your side why try and change a force beyond your control. Knowing when to walk away, when winning OR losing is the key to betting. Knowing when to take a percentage of your daily winnings out your bank and put them safely aside is a good way to ensure you get to spend your winnings rather than use them again to bet.
What is the point in betting if you don’t get to spend your winnings? No point is the answer. Therefore read this article on Managing Risk to find out some key things you should do to help you keep your winnings and manage your betting account.
So not only do I try to use every special bet offer available and manage my risk properly but I have a special system my AutoBOT uses which has managed to build my betting bank over and over again, slowly and safely into a nice lump sum.
This system has helped rebuild depleted betting banks many times and with lots of daily lay bets, skimming the Betfair market, and trading I have made some decent cash.
The more volatile the market the better it is for traders as it doesn’t really matter who wins the race it just matters what prices you can get your Lay and BACK bets put on and ensure both parts get matched.

How do I do it?

I aim at weak favourites or low-priced horses I think will lose and then I Lay them at an amount half way between my minimum and maximum stakes which I call my overlay stake. To read more about overlays and the maths needed read ths article on overlay betting.
I then wait until the lay bet is matched before deciding on whether to put on an opposing bet. How I make this decision is down to the size of my betting bank.
I have a lay limit which I won’t go above in any day and this is based on a percentage of my total bank (say 10%).
Therefore at the end of the day if my bank has gone up from £500 to £600 my lay betting bank for the day will have gone up from £50 to £60.
I also set limits to the maximum lay liability I am willing to risk on a single bet, say £20.
This again is calculated from a percentage of my lay bank, say 10%. So if my daily lay limit is £200 my single lay liability limit is £20.
Again at night I re-calculate all this so if my bank has risen so do my limits and if it has fallen they do as well.
I also set up an amount based on a percentage of my maximum single liability so that if the liability is OVER that amount I trade the bet.
However if it’s under this level, I risk the LAY on its own.
I do this because even if a few short priced favourites do win then the loss is minimal. However if a 20/1 runner wins it would cost me a lot!
So if this percentage is 50% of my single maximum liability of £20 and the bets liability is over £10 I will try to trade the bet.
If it’s under I won’t and risk the horse winning. If it’s the favourite then 66% of the time it will lose. However if it’s a Group 1 race atAscot the chances are even higher that the favourite will lose and we have seen that this year.
If you have been following my sie or any of my social media sites then you will know that this is how I have made good money by laying every favourite at Ascot, both on British Champions Day and the last day of Royal Ascot.
So if I am trading I will put the win bet on at a higher price with a lower stake. It doesn’t matter which way round you go but the standard idea is to have two matched bets, one a LAY bet and one a WIN bet, both at prices that would enable you to make money from whatever the outcome of the race is. You should use my betting calculators to help you find out the money you are risking if you are not sure.
Read the articles on using overlay trading algorithms to find out more about this as this is key to making money whether the horse wins or loses the race.
If both bits are matched I get money either way – the whole point of overlaying.
However if only the lay part is matched I still have more chance that the horse will lose than wins the race.
As 33% of favourites win their races and 50% of odds on favourites do there is either a 2/3 or 1/2 chance the horse will lose. However on certain courses, especially on heavy going, or with yards out of luck, favourites don’t do so well.
An example would be Ascot that has a 31.63% chance of favourites winning which is a lot lower than the 45% that win at Cartmel (my own statistics).
I remember laying every favourite on British Champions Day or the last day of Royal Ascot and made a ton of money.
The mix of quality runners, muggy weather in the summer and heavy ground in October led to favourites losing every race! Therefore make sure to check out the course favourite win/place/lay statistic pages.
This has been working well for me lately and I have managed to rebuild depleted betting banks many times using trading methods whether I LAY or BACK  first or second.
You can read up about trading, overlay, over and under round markets on my page: A guide to trading and trade betting.
Although you will need to be a full member to get the full articles you can get some information from them and a mere £2 for a day’s membership would give you access to all the Betting Guides and articles on the site as well as the full members tips, extra tips and NAP tips at the same time.
So there you go a guide to how I make money from betting (primarily on Betfair) and if you want to LAY bet or PLACE bet then the exchanges are the place to go.

So in conclusion

I try to milk the bookies as much as possible. This system will tell you more but rotating through all the bookmakers and taking them up on their registration and special offers whenever possible is the way to go. You can find out all the latest betting offers on my latest bet offers page.
I trade my bets and set up a risk management system to ensure I get to spend my winnings and stop when I am losing.
I take advantage of statistics that show that big group 1 race days at courses ike Ascot are not exactly good for favourites.
I am a member of betting sites that let me LAY and therefore trade bets such as BETDAQ and Betfair.

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Friday, 8 November 2013

National Hunt - Fantasy Horse Racing

National Hunt 2013 - 2014 Special Betting Offers

By The  UK Horse Racing Tipster

Here are some special offers for the new jump season.

Always remember that you can find out about any latest betting offers on my special latest bets page.

Fantasy Horse Racing are having a fantasy racing competition, a bit like fantasy football, in which you can win up to £400k!.

Players just need to select 10 horses to compete in the competition which runs from Friday 15th November to Saturday 5th April and a £10 entry gives you 16 chances to win!

So why not join in the fantasy racing at and pick yourself some winners!

New members also get a free £10 bet when they deposit £5!

Click the banner for more info on the offer.

Ten To Follow
Money Back On Fallers

Coral are doing a great offer during November in which if your horse falls in a National Hunt race they will refund you the win part of any Win Single or Win part of an Each Way bet up to a maximum of £25. Start Betting Now!

You can read the full terms and conditions here but the main ones are below.

  • Bets only apply to National Hunt races.
  • Bets must be placed on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Bets will only be refunded if your horse falls, unseats or is brought down and does not apply to any other method of a horse not finishing a race e.g pulled up.
  • Free bets will be credited by 10:00 am the day after the race.
  • The offer does not apply to a selection that remounts and finishes the race from Down Royal or Downpatrick.
  • The free bet is only valid for 7 days after being issued and must be used in its entirety in a single bet.
  • The offer does only applies to standard Coral Win and Each Way markets and not to bets placed on speciality markets including Green Tick, place only, accumulators or match betting.
  • Void bets do not count towards this promotion.
  • Free bet tokens are non-refundable. Free bet stakes are not included in any returns.
  • Free bet tokens are not returned if wagered on a void selection.
  • This free bet offer cannot be used in conjunction with, or contribute to any other free bet offer or promotions.

Therefore if you are already a Coral customer then you can get some money back if your horse falls during the beginning of the jump season.

Just click this link to see all the special Coral offers for the jump season!

Other Betting Offers

Remember there are always other bookies and you should rotate around them all and hoover up the free bet offers they give out.

Some of my favourite are below.

Get a free Sky Bet of £30 here plus free bets of £5 each week as long as you bet £5 each week.

Join SkyBet and get a free joining bet matched up to £30 and free £5 bets each week

Get another cheap offer with BetFred. Join and you can bet from as little as £1 and they will match your first bet up to £25!

Join BetFred and bet with as little as £1 which will be matched up to £25

Get £10 for depositing £5 with ToteSport

Just sign up, deposit £5 and get a free £10 bet, almost as good as a non deposit bet offer.

Join ToteSport and get a £10 bet for depositing £5

Sign up to Betfair and get a free £50 deposit after you have bet £50 on a horse within 30 days of joining. Win or lose they will add the money to your account. Plus the odds can be as low as 1.2 or 1/5 on to claim the free bet, so perfect for hot favourites!

Join Betfair and get up to £50 matched bet on runners above 1/5 odds on!

Get a free £50 bet at Coral with this link.

Join Coral and get a free £50 bet

Get a free £25 bet at BetVictor

Join BetVictor and claim a free £25 bet.

You can claim up to £88 in free bets from 888bet with this link:

Join 888Bet and get up to £88 in free bets

Or you can get a massive £200 in free betting offers from Bet365 with this link.

Join Bet365 and gain up to £200 in free bets