Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Multi Day Place Accumulators - a way to make money from your betting

Multi Day Place Accumulators - a way to make money from your betting

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

For those of you willing to wait between bets and don't have the urge to bet every day then you might be interested in the slow and safe approach of multi day place accumulators.

The odds maybe skinny - especially with good horses, but you can easily string together 6 or more places and get a return on your investment.

You should be able to get your initial stake back after 3-5 steps (depending on the price) and even if you are only rolling over 80% of your return amount to the next bet you can make a profit even if you end up losing on step 4 or more.

I have constantly managed to get 6 to 10 steps on a regular basis but it is good to stop after a set number of legs instead of carrying on forever as you will always lose in the end. The most steps I have managed to do is 20 but I want to show you a real life 14 step multi day place accumulator I managed to accomplish the other year around Christmas.

For safety's sake I have found 6 or 8 legs is a good number to aim for and as you will see with the string of horses below all the horses finished either 1st or 2nd.

Whilst a win bet might seem likely on the day of  the race you should know that favourites lose 66% of their races and odds on favourites still only win 50% of theirs.

Therefore as even strong favourites are likely to lose half their races and our aim is to make money rather than gambling for a thrill, a place accumulator including strong favourites is a good solid way to make constant return on investment as long as you can control yourself and wait between bets.

Just imagine if you had put on a place accumulator including horses such as Frankel, Big Buck's, Black Caviar, Camelot, Hurricane Fly, Long Run, Excelebration and Nathanial in all their UK races during 2012 using a starting bet of £1,000.

You would have easily made more than any bank bond or ISA would have returned in profit even with the skinny odds you would have obtained on the place markets at Betfair. It is very possible to make money with this approach even with prices as low as 1.10 to 1.20  when the returns are compounded together.

Below is an example of a 14 step multi day place accumulator that I managed to get last year. This was only over a few months but it shows you that to make money you have to be able to control yourself by not betting everyday. You also have to be able to stop at the right time and not carry on forever.

This is why a rollover approach is advisable (e.g only put 70% to 80% of your winnings onto the next leg) so that you can obtain a profit even if you lose after so many steps.

Use the Rollover Betting Calculator to help you manage your stakes by entering your return amount and the amount you want to rollover e.g if you want to only put 80% of your winnings on to the next leg you enter your total winnings and the percentage amount and you will get back the amount to put onto the next step of your bet.

My last 14 step - multi day place accumulator bet

Join Together - 1 - Dec 10 2011 12:45PM

Hunt Ball - 1 - Dec 13 2011  2:40PM

Charminster - 2 - Dec 22 2011 12:50PM

Finian's Rainbow - 1 - Dec 27 2011  2:40PM

Tour D'argent - 1 - Dec 29 2011  1:10PM

Fingal Bay - 1 - Dec 31 2011  3:05PM

Vesper Bell - 1 - Jan 22 2012 12:50PM

Big Buck's - 1 - Jan 28 2012  3:40PM,

Gamilati - 1 - Feb  3 2012 12:10PM,

Twinkled - 2 - Feb 15 2012  7:10PM,

Sprinter Sacre - 1 - Feb 17 2012 12:10PM,

Mikael D'haguenet - 2 - Feb 19 2012  2:20PM

Owen Glendower - 1 - Feb 23 2012  3:00PM,

Lively Baron - 1 - Feb 24 2012  2:35PM

Of course you could also go for the multi day win accumulator and narrow your field down to "super horses". Horses such as Hurricane Fly, Big Buck's, Sprinter Sacre (proven and constant winners with a form that is full of 1's) and in the years gone by Frankel or Black Caviar.

The list is few but they are all great horses and if you can manage to keep yourself from betting for weeks or even months then you can still make a good return on investment even if you have to wait longer in-between races.

This kind of betting system is something to think of when you want to actually make money from your betting and you can read more about it over at www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/betting-guides/multi-day-place-accumulators. This page shows you another example of a real life multi day place accumulator bet along with prices and return on investment.

View the original article at www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/2013/01/multi-day-place-accumulators and remember you can trial the site as a full member for a month for only £15! 

You can sign up here: www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/tipster-membership/join-now for either a months trial or a full subscription at either £10 (weekly), £25 (monthly) or £100 (yearly) membership.

Friday, 11 January 2013

We have had 6 days of profit in a row!

By the UK Horse Racing Star

So its now 6 days in a row for those who decide to ignore my advice and bet on every single tip and make a profit at the end of the day! 

6 days of total profit across all system tips!

A good run indeed but one that cannot go on forever!

Yesterday the UK Horse Racing Tipster’s best horse racing system was System LAY 432 and by betting on every tip in this system alone at £2.00 stakes (Betfair minimum) you would have made £51.84 profit.

However by betting on all tips across all systems:

  • on the 10th of Jan 2013 you would have won £32.80
  • on the 9th the total profit was £28.00
  • on the 8th it was £111.68
  • on the 7th it was £138.04
  • on the 6th it was £161.96
  • and on the 5th it was £165.16.
And remember this is all using £2 stakes as your bet amounts (Betfair minimum). So you can imagine how much you would have made using £10 or £50 stakes instead!

6 days of total profit ignoring the advice of the UK Horse Racing Tipster to just pick one or two systems and then stick with them!

You can always view the tip results on the site: www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/topics/horse-racing-tips/tipping-results/tip-results/

Also if you have been having trouble signing up to any of the free horse racing tip sign up forms on www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/ or this site lately but been met with a blank page (or an error message) then this problem has now been fixed.

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Also please take advantage of all the free bet offers listed in the right sidebar. You can make good money by using different betting systems and their free bets to your advantage!

Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Round Up of New Features on UK Horse Racing Tipster

By The UK Horse Racing Star

Here is a 2013 New Year round up of some of the new features on the new main site www.ukhorseracingtipster.com.

First we have the good news that we now offer a full months trial at a mere £15 instead of a weeks trial at £5. So not only are you saving money but you are getting a full months experience out of the site at a cheaper total price.

The 2nd lot of good news is that we now have over 450+ systems and counting with more being devised by my "BRAIN" (the name for my artificial intelligence computer system) all the time.

At least 150-200 of these systems have a return on investment greater than 5% over both 30 and 100 rolling days.

The 3rd lot of good news is that like yesterday we keep getting days where the total profit haul over ALL TIPS and ALL SYSTEMS is in the black.

Whereas I never advise my members to bet on every tip across every system it is a good sign when you get days where betting £2 bets on all tips across 31 systems leaves you with over £130+ profit!

Recent Examples:
7th January 2013 - £138 profit
6th January 2013 - £161 profit
5th January 2013 - £88 profit

Also we have the new reports I have added to help members at the beginning of the month pick the systems to follow.

1. Last month I started collating NAP Tipsters from around the country and giving out to the members their NAPS for the day.

The NAP Performance report can be found on the site here: www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/2013/01/monthly-members-nap-results-for-jan-2013/

It is amazing how a good strike rate does not always add up to a good profit haul! I am 3rd in the list under a tipster with a higher strike rate but who has a minus profit figure!

2. Then I added in a new report for those people who don't use or see the relevance of the £2 tip reports.

The reason I use them is that Betfair requires a minimum bet of at least £2 to be wagered on any bet on their exchange. Therefore it seemed like a good figure to go with. However this report uses £10 stakes and it breaks all the systems used with 3 price ranges (any price, under 10 and under 20)

You can see it for last month here: www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/2012/12/systems-profit-loss-using-10-stakes-for-december-2012/

3. The Monthly Members Tip Results which used to be a breakdown of profit or loss by price range across all the systems has now been changed to show the same price ranges (any price, <5, <10, <20, <30, <40, <50, <60, <100) but broken down by all the systems I use on the site that month.

This is useful for members OR potential members as it shows the price ranges that return the maximum profit or highest risk for each system. If you are thinking of following a system and want to set a liability limit or a maximum price to bet at then this report is for you.


4. We still have the standard System Report which shows the full list of systems and their monthly and 100 day ROI, and strike rate: www.ukhorseracingtipster.com/2013/01/current-uk-tipster-systems-for-jan-2013/

5. Members Tips (the main ones) are now sent out to members by email each day as well as appearing on the site.

6. The daily members tips now has an extra column called details. It will show relevant information about the tip such as - only bet if its the favourite, or not the favourite. OR only bet if the price is > 5 or less than 10 or if there are < 7 runners still in the race and so on. This just gives the members more information on the system so they know when to place their bets.

7. I have added "refresh" links to the top of listing pages as I know that sometimes pages get cached for performances sake and the most up to date data isn't shown. Just clicking these links should clear the cache and show the latest data.

So that is a round up of some of then new features I have been adding constantly to UK Horse Racing Tipster and if you are still looking for reasons to join UK Horse Racing Tipster - (the fastest growing horse racing tipping service in the UK) and the above list hasn't convinced you. Then why not hop along to the site and check it out for yourself and read some of the articles such as "Why I Should Join UK Horse Racing Tipster"

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

UK Horse Racing Star in Top 3 of 50+ NAP Tipsters!

By UK Horse Racing Star

Very nice to see me in the top 3 out of about 50+ top tipsters in the UK Horse Racing Tipster NAP report which was published today.

The top tipster in terms of profit was the Newcastle Journal (Doug Moscrop) with a total profit of £101.00 and a strike rate of 25.00%.

However the top tipster in terms of strike rate is The Star's Patrick Weaver with 61% and £92.20 profit and the 2nd tipster has a strike rate of 50% but actually has a loss of -£11.30.

Therefore I am pleased with my 3rd position that has a strike rate of 46.88% and a profit of £24.20 as both are in the plus figures. I just need to get my profit margin up!

Lets see what happens next month.

The full table of tipsters and their NAP performance in order of strike rate is below.

TipsterStrike Rate (%)Profit / Loss
The Star (Patrick Weaver)61.90%£92.20
Western Morning News (West Tip)50.00%£-11.30
UK Horse Racing Star46.88%£24.20
Western Mail (Alan Keyte)40.00%£-48.00
The Racing Expert38.46%£-39.60
Daily Star Sunday (Moorestyle)38.10%£64.80
Daily Record (Garry Owen)36.84%£20.70
UK Horse Racing Tipster36.11%£-5.50
The AutoBOT34.62%£-72.90
The Express (Computerman)33.33%£-26.20
Sunday Express (Chris Goulding)33.33%£29.90
Racing and Football Outlook33.33%£-35.10
Racing Post (Trading Post)33.33%£77.50
The Racing Tipster33.33%£15.00
Daily Mail (Robin Goodfellow)31.58%£-33.20
Racing Post (West Country)31.25%£-4.50
Racing Post (RP Ratings)31.25%£22.30
Racing Post (Spotlight)30.77%£-27.90
The Irish Field (Karl Hedley)30.00%£75.10
Sussex Express (Downsman)28.57%£-80.00
Racing Post (Postdata)28.57%£57.50
Blackpool Gazette (Steve Simpson)28.57%£-32.50
Oldham Evening Chronicle (Keith McHugh)28.57%£-62.70
Glasgow Evening Times (Jeffrey Ross)28.57%£-83.50
Newcastle Journal (Doug Moscrop)25.00%£101.00
Nottingham Evening Post (Stevie Roden)25.00%£-7.20
Sunday Telegraph (Whistler)25.00%£-11.60
The Guardian25.00%£-69.10
The Scotsman (Glendale)25.00%£-10.80
Irish Post (Kevin Walsh)23.81%£-24.50
Daily Post (Mercury)23.81%£-87.70
The Sun (Templegate)21.05%£-48.70
The Press, York (Ebor)20.00%£-62.60
Yorkshire Evening Post (Lee Sobot)20.00%£-98.20
Carlisle News & Star (Phil Rostron)20.00%£22.50
Racing Post (Lambourn)20.00%£-73.90
Daily Telegraph (Marlborough)19.05%£-98.50
Liverpool Daily Post (Chris Wright)15.79%£-55.90
Racing Post15.15%£-138.70
The Mail On Sunday (John Martin)15.00%£-119.00
Sunday Mail (Rockavon)15.00%£-61.20
Daily Mirror (Newsboy)15.00%£-129.20
Western Daily Press (Bob Watts)15.00%£-138.80
Yorkshire Post (The Duke)14.29%£-142.70
Racing Post (The North)14.29%£-73.70
Morning Star (Farringdon)11.11%£-57.50
Coventry Telegraph (Derek Brown)10.53%£-45.00
Sheffield Star (Fortunatus)10.00%£-133.30
Sunday Mirror (Gary Nutting)10.00%£-105.00
The Times (Rob Wright)10.00%£-162.50
Belfast Newsletter (Wise Owl)9.52%£-126.70
Independent (Chris McGrath)5.00%£-177.50

Remember you can join UK Horse Racing Tipster for only a £5 for a weeks trial and you will get not only the Members Daily Tips (LAY, PLACE, WIN, Accumulators) devised by the AutoBOT but also my own daily tips and the best NAPS around.

Also even if you don't want to join as a member you can now get 2 lots of free horse racing tips a day for free by visiting the site or singing up to the newsletter. Just go to the homepage and fill in the pop-up or use the green form.

As the email to subscribers said today - the prices won't stay this low for long and you now have more monthly reports to help you pick which systems to follow.

These are broken down by price, stake (£2 and £10) and system ROI.

You won't find many other tipsters giving out membership for £10 a week, £25 a month or £100 a month and these prices won't stay this low for long.

View the report on www.ukhorseracingtipster.com