Sunday, 11 November 2012

Another good day for the AutoBOT & UK Horse Racing Tipster

Another great day for the AutoBOT and my “test” Betfair betting bank.

My Betting BOT is set to stop betting as soon as 20% of my current bank is made or lost per day. There is nothing worse than either chasing losses or winning a nice chunk of money and then losing it all on “one last bet”.

This is why I leave my betting to my AutoBOT and try to keep my fingers out of it. When I dabble I know what I am like and I am in this game to MAKE MONEY NOT LOSE IT.

My whole website: is based around the AutoBOT and the simple idea of making money and keeping it rather than spending it.

When I make a big win I put aside a proportion (that grows along with the bank size) of that bets profit so that it is never used again for another bet. Also my BOT automatically puts the money BACK into my bank account when it reaches a certain percentage or amount.
Therefore if you like following TIPSTERS who give out tips for the sake of it whether they have a chance of winning or not then my site is not for you BUT if you want to make money and KEEP it then this site is PERFECT for you.
Today was a good day for me. Not only did my BOT stop betting after 20% of my bank was reached (a 20% ROI in one day) increasing the bank and making 20% tomorrow a bigger figure - just like when I stopped betting yesterday when I reached 20%. But I also had some good tips for my members and non members alike.
A 100% Strike rate for my Free Horse Racing Tips including a PLACE DOUBLE, a Weak Favourite LAY and a longer odds LAY but we also had a whisper from (a site I co-own) and the horse in question Prophete de Guye went on to win at an SP of 7/2 (2nd Favourite).
I personally had another good day with my AutoBOT stopping betting early 2day as 20% of bank was made again. AutoTrading, a FTS whisper & my PLACE TRIPLE TIP paid off with The Crafty Butcher, Esmondo and the Prophete de Guye all coming first or second (The Crafty Butcher) as well as a WIN bet on the tip to members of Prophete de Guye.
Luckily I also had every one of my AutoBOT generated LAY & WIN bets generated by the "BRAIN" traded automatically on Betfair ensuring I made money whatever the outcome of the race. Whether it was a place or win bet and whether I put a lay or back bet on first the AutoBOT came through and traded them all ensuring I won whatever the outcome of the race.
The only thing left is to see if the Members Only TIPS gave us a profit and made it 11 days in a row of pure profit. We eagerly wait and see!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

UK Horse Racing Tipster on a roll. Come join the money making train!

Changes to the UK Horse Racing Tipster Systems for Members and Free Horse Racing Tips by email

By UK Horse Racing Tipster

As you may or may not know I have had a good run so far this month on my new site UK Horse Racing Tipster with profits made every single day. 

If members had placed a bet on every single tip from all systems I provide for members they would have made the following profit by placing only £2 stakes (Betfair minimum).

9th November+£16.02
8th November+£51.76
7th November+£35.90
6th November+£40.52
5th November+£16.00
4th November+£66.93
3rd November+£24.36
2nd November+£48.46
1st November+£97.78

You can easily see how that if you had placed £10 stakes instead of £2 stakes the table would look like this instead.

9th November+£160.20
8th November+£517.60
7th November+£359.00
6th November+£405.20
5th November+£160.00
4th November+£669.30
3rd November+£243.60
2nd November+£484.60
1st November+£977.80

Wow that's £3977.30 profit in only ten days!

Now I don't want people to miss out on this brilliant system as it makes me money almost every day of the week using my AutoBOT that automatically bets for me using the same data. I just look at my daily betting report at 11pm to see how much money I have won that day and that's it.

Now if you want the same kind of profits there is even extra good news as I have changed the Betfair Systems that are shown to members so that more back based systems are available as lately I have been only showing the system with the highest ROI per horse.

In reality one horse could appear in multiple and often conflicting systems for instance a favourite might appear in a Weak Favourite LAY system as well as a LAY multiple runners per race system and a PLACE system.

Therefore I am now showing all the systems whether this means one horse appears multiple times or not and this gives backers more opportunity  to take advantage of some of my back based systems.

For your interest I have outputted the full list of profitable systems for the current month. Remember a system is only shown here if it has a Return on Investment over 0% for both 30 and 100 days and in total I have over 370 systems.

Therefore you should only pick systems that suit you and your betting bank.
System NameRunsWinsPercMonthly ROI100 days ROI
System WIN 387213014.91%4.07%14.29%
System WIN 574920827.77%5.51%56.7%
System WIN 6502244%16%36.03%
System WIN 71173933.33%36.21%38%
System WIN 81253931.2%31.49%32.17%
System WIN 91063432.08%34.41%32.94%
System WIN 101063432.08%34.41%32.04%
System WIN 111073835.51%8.57%47.65%
System WIN 1474216722.51%0.36%27.46%
System WIN 15742837.84%33.2%37.44%
System WIN 1629827.59%61.72%21.86%
System WIN 171304937.69%44.36%43.77%
System WIN 18681623.53%44.11%49.83%
System WIN 2085815217.72%0.57%18.65%
System WIN 25 (Short Odds)43312428.64%5.57%58.16%
System WIN 26 (Short Odds)1034341.75%2.89%125.77%
System WIN 27411024.39%42.19%187.16%
System WIN 281525737.5%11.55%83.18%
System ACCUMULATOR 29 (Win Accumulator)29827.59%110.34%102.52%
System WIN 3422100%118.5%154%
System WIN 36442250%25.77%116.54%
System WIN 381414229.79%2.52%58.3%
System WIN 41932931.18%11.92%59.96%
System ACCUMULATOR 46 (Win Accumulator)842732.14%82.42%167.41%
System WIN 47 (Tipster Backed)24833.33%25.83%84.81%
System WIN 49 (Tipster Backed)14535.71%21.78%6.12%
System WIN 69663045.45%23.34%127.13%
System WIN 702025728.22%8.28%56.34%
System WIN 72 (Tipster Backed)27933.33%20%8.94%
System WIN 751324735.61%14.81%54.24%
System WIN 76 (Short Odds)1907036.84%9.76%72.28%
System WIN 783133.33%113.33%96.81%
System WIN 80 (Strong Favourite)44100%47.75%4%
System WIN 8211218.18%27.27%87.11%
System WIN 8622100%118.5%154%
System PLACE 91824453.66%6.82%5.58%
System PLACE 9274945660.88%41.26%44.4%
System PLACE 931178169.23%11.72%11.96%
System PLACE 941168068.97%11.48%11.66%
System PLACE 951007070%9.77%11.26%
System PLACE 961067066.04%7.33%6.97%
System PLACE 99100435935.76%0.7%0.08%
System PLACE 101513976.47%8.76%2.05%
System PLACE 102292379.31%10.75%3.14%
System PLACE 10314510068.97%0.66%7.81%
System PLACE 1091148271.93%21.17%16.01%
System PLACE 11040721653.07%50.78%46.87%
System ACCUMULATOR 113 (Place Accumulator)843642.86%39.46%37.09%
System PLACE 119 (Tipster Backed)33100%50.66%22.35%
System PLACE 12522813057.02%13.79%8.64%
System PLACE 12984240748.34%47.21%45.99%
System PLACE 140855767.06%12.05%4.98%
System PLACE 141543564.81%10.31%5.65%
System PLACE 142341852.94%24.32%12.26%
System PLACE 1461469061.64%13%5.7%
System PLACE 147522751.92%24.11%12.58%
System PLACE 153 (Tipster Backed)181055.56%11.55%1.59%
System PLACE 154 (Tipster Backed)191052.63%10.94%1.59%
System PLACE 15846921646.06%6.07%5.54%
System PLACE 15939015940.77%0.87%2.51%
System PLACE 1602615105240.23%2.56%4.79%
System PLACE 16220214471.29%0.3%5.71%
System PLACE 163 (Short Odds)20715775.85%1.64%6.81%
System PLACE 166 (Short Odds)1037875.73%0.23%7.98%
System PLACE 16811100%76%23.66%
System PLACE 16915210871.05%29%36.26%
System PLACE 170 (Strong Favourite)44100%12%4.55%
System PLACE 173 (Place Accumulator)29827.59%110.34%102.52%
System PLACE 176 (Short Odds)645179.69%4.14%7.34%
System PLACE 178221463.64%43.68%40.7%
System PLACE 1792027637.62%33.56%60.19%
System PLACE 180 (Short Odds)2078139.13%13.61%82.93%
System PLACE 18111100%76%96.81%
System LAY 183856171.76%7.89%49.01%
System LAY 18434429184.59%2.24%39.1%
System LAY 18513710979.56%19.78%58.89%
System LAY 187 (Lay multiple runners in race)45132171.18%292.83%1837.59%
System LAY 188 (Lay multiple runners in race)68249071.85%750.68%1400.94%
System LAY 191 (Lay multiple runners in race)88148855.39%871.94%4058.88%
System LAY 192 (Lay multiple runners in race)101255454.74%1173.67%3005.94%
System LAY 193 (Lay multiple runners in race)107754250.32%87.48%92.8%
System LAY 194 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%240.55%211.2%
System LAY 195 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%77.94%42.24%
System LAY 200 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%441.09%1129.08%
System LAY 201 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%72.34%196.46%
System LAY 208 (Lay multiple runners in race)18814778.19%459.39%1589.36%
System LAY 209 (Lay multiple runners in race)18814778.19%75.34%200.26%
System LAY 210 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%240.55%207.2%
System LAY 211 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%240.55%207.2%
System LAY 212 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%77.94%41.44%
System LAY 213 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%77.94%41.44%
System LAY 224 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%441.09%1140.57%
System LAY 225 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%72.34%198.46%
System LAY 226 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%240.55%207.2%
System LAY 227 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%240.55%207.2%
System LAY 228 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%77.94%41.44%
System LAY 229 (Lay multiple runners in race)27319169.96%77.94%41.44%
System LAY 240 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%441.09%1140.57%
System LAY 241 (Lay multiple runners in race)18314378.14%72.34%198.46%
System LAY 265 (Lay multiple runners in race)464495.65%84.02%184.72%
System LAY 269 (Lay multiple runners in race)302790%12.72%103.63%
System LAY 270 (Lay multiple runners in race)514690.2%10.37%40%
System LAY 274 (Lay multiple runners in race)44100%72.72%120.68%
System LAY 275 (Lay multiple runners in race)10990%5.5%58.92%
System LAY 280312374.19%41.25%5.79%
System LAY 28144100%100%20.55%
System LAY 282241875%42.04%24.95%
System LAY 2832150%0.5%39%
System LAY 28714810470.27%7.06%1.8%
System LAY 288674770.15%6.28%0.74%
System LAY 289775064.94%3.61%10%
System LAY 30011100%100%100%
System LAY 30111100%100%100%
System LAY 30211100%100%100%
System LAY 30311100%100%100%
System LAY 317 (Lay Weak Favourites)49438577.94%6.87%1.92%
System LAY 326 (Lay Weak Favourites)8450%7.75%26.4%
System LAY 32730228995.7%63.92%49.48%
System LAY 330282796.43%20%13.14%
System LAY 33711100%100%37.81%
System LAY 3386583.33%56.66%56.53%
System LAY 33984267580.17%3.36%5%
System LAY 34240732579.85%7.46%3.23%
System LAY 347 (Lay Weak Favourites)3133.33%0.33%0.33%
System LAY 348 (Lay Weak Favourites)3133.33%0.33%0.33%
System LAY 351 (Lay Weak Favourites)462758.7%38.26%41.51%
System LAY 3583264304693.32%29.48%28.81%
System LAY 36076773095.18%40.1%30.68%
System LAY 36176874396.74%38.32%45.37%
System LAY 36214714497.96%63.8%38.37%
System LAY 363908998.89%61.11%69.34%
System LAY 36417617398.3%30.17%43.7%
System LAY 365666598.48%53.03%63.29%
System LAY 36732830793.6%19.61%19.24%
System LAY 36830428794.41%25.16%14.69%
System LAY 36919516484.1%30.34%24.97%
System LAY 37075172997.07%37.61%47.34%
System LAY 37114814295.95%14.86%39.79%
System LAY 37316214187.04%32.74%26.88%
System LAY 374730740101.37%36.55%44.41%
System LAY 37571869797.08%36.42%47.19%
System LAY 38033024975.45%13.75%12.09%
System LAY 382105691086.17%28.48%29.67%
System LAY 38411100%100%82.44%

Explanations of the Systems

Each system is different from LAYING multiple runners in a race to PLACE Accumulators and WIN or PLACE Singles. However on certain systems I have put in brackets explanations of the type of system for example.

1. Tipster Backed

This is where the selections have come from a number of tipsters including myself plus other well known tipsters who provide their tips on the web freely for all to use.

2. Win Double, Win Triple, Win Accumulator

This is a simple win accumulator where the initial stake is £2 and then depending on the steps the ROI is calculated from the final winning amount.

3. Place Double, Place Triple, Place Accumulator

This is a place accumulator which can only really be done on betting exchanges through the use of Automatic Betting BOTs (programs running on your PC that place bets set by certain criteria such as market price, an over-round market, a sudden steamer or drifter etc) or by hand. It is exactly the same as a win accumulator except that the bets are placed in the PLACE MARKET not the WIN MARKET.

As there is no simple way to do PLACE Accumulators apart from Each Way Accumulators (where you will lose half the money) you will need to wait for the result before rolling the return amount over onto the next Place bet (and I advise always rolling over a percentage e.g 80% rather than the full amount in case you lose on the 5th step as you will get your money back).

4. Lay multiple runners in race

This is where the system is based on placing multiple lay bets in each race that meet certain criteria. Either the price is a certain amount, the horse has poor rankings or any number of factors.

These are the systems that return the highest amount of profit and ROI as only one horse can win a race therefore laying multiple horses can return a large profit especially when it is a short priced favourite who wins the race.

5. Lay Weak Favourites

This is where the system is based around laying favourites who have a good chance of losing.

6. Short Odds

These are systems based around horses who have short odds due to their strong ranking or the weakness of the other horses in the race. Because the prices are low the winnings are also low.

7. Strong Favourite

This is where the system is based around horses who have proven strength and a good record. For example horses of the calibre of Frankel, Big Buck’s or Camelot would meet this criteria. Also just because a horse is strong favourite it does not necessarily mean they will have short odds as the race could be a 20 runner sprint where the favourite has a price of 5/1.

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