Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tips for the 30th November

This is the fifth day of the multi day PLACE accumulator. You should have your stake back by now if you haven't then you haven't been trying to get a good enough price on Betfair.

Remember this system is looking for strong favourites with conditions to suit so that the prices may not be great but you have more chance of actually winning which is why putting your price on Betfair early is important.

PLACE ACCUMULATOR (5th day - carry over 80/90% of yesterdays return on to this bet)

Just Rob - Uttoxeter - 13:10 WON (2nd)


Open Hearted - Uttoxeter - 12:40 LOST (unplaced)
Just Rob - Uttoxeter - 13:10 WON (2nd)
Cuban Piece - Catterick Bridge - 13:30 LOST (unplaced)
Floreat - Hereford - 15:50 LOST (unplaced)


Open Hearted - Uttoxeter - 12:40 LOST (unplaced)
Floreat - Hereford - 15:50 LOST (4th)
The Darling Boy - Uttoxeter - 15:10 LOST (3rd)
Barbican - Kempton Park - 17:30 WON (1st)

LAYS (not weak fav - trade if you can)

Prince Of King - Hereford - 12:50 WON (5th)
Topflight Princess - Kempton Park - 17:00 LOST (1st)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tips for the 29th November

This is the fourth day of the multi day PLACE accumulator. If you think you want to risk a WIN bet to get a better price it is up to you as there are lots of Short Priced favourites running today in the two races at Southwell and Lingfield (Ayr has been called off).

Remember to take a percentage of yesterdays winnings and place it on to the next step. The percentage is up to you but the aim is to take small steady bets on horses with more than a good chance of being placed to make money safely.

PLACE ACCUMULATOR (4th day - carry over 80/90% of yesterdays return on to this bet)

Lively Baron - Southwell - 12:50 WON (1st)


Golden Call - Southwell - 13:20 WON (1st)
Emmuska - Lingfield Park - 13:45 WON (1st)


Lively Baron - Southwell - 12:50 WON (1st)
Golden Call - Southwell - 13:20 WON (1st)
Mister Dillon - Southwell - 14:30 WON (1st)


Lively Baron - Southwell - 12:50 WON (1st)
Golden Call - Southwell - 13:20 WON (1st)
Emmuska - Lingfield Park - 13:45 WON (1st)
Mister Dillon - Southwell - 14:30 WON (1st)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Tips for the 28th November

After the 5 winners on Saturday came the Sunday of despair but at least the multi day PLACE ACCUMULATOR bet won with Kudu Country coming in 2nd.

This is the 3rd day of this bet and the aim is to go slow and steady with PLACE bets that have more than a good chance of winning or coming 2nd.

Favourites often lose which is why the idea is to compound the bets winnings over a number of steps. By taking a percentage of the winnings rather than the whole return amount you should claim your stake back after 4 or 5 steps (depending on the amount you are using). So by taking low risk bets over a number of days we can in theory make money at low risk. Also you should use betfair and put a bet on early with a desired price higher than the current market price as there is a good chance it might get taken before the race. Either that or use best odds sites like William Hill.

The system hasn't thrown me up any weak favourites yet but there are some LAY BETS which don't have too big a price which the system has identified for placing when the pot is fat. However if you haven't got a fat pot then I would advise a TRADE if possible as they are not odds on.

Looks like all favourites but then the aim is to find those favourites that will win rather than those that won't, as they are not favourites by mistake.

PLACE ACCUMULATOR (3rd day - carry over 80/90% of yesterdays return on to this bet)

Golden Firebird - Folkestone - 15:40 WON (2nd)


Golden Firebird - Folkestone - 15:40 LOST (2nd)
Azione - Ffos Las - 14:55  LOST (2nd)


Hollow Tree - Ffos Las - 12:45 WON (1st)
Temple Lord - Folkestone - 13:00 WON (1st)

LAY (trade if possible)

Lovelace - Wolverhampton - 14:45 WON (3rd)
Frederickthegreat - Wolverhampton - 16:50 WON (2nd)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tips for the 27th November

PLACE ACCUMULATOR (from yesterday - carry over 80/90% of return on to this bet)

Kudu Country - Carlisle - 13:20 WON (2nd)


American Art - Leicester - 13:35 LOST (4th)
Avenging Ace - Carlisle - 12:50  LOST (6th)
Castletown Bridge - Leicester - 13:05 LOST (2nd)


Ceol Rua - Wexford - 13:25 LOST (2nd)
Speed Master - Leicester - 14:40 WON (1st)


Not Til Monday - Leicester - 14:10 LOST (5th)
Claude Carter - Carlisle - 15:00 LOST (4th)


Claude Carter - Carlisle - 15:00 LOST / WON - depending on PLACE market you chose on Betfair (4th)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nice - 5 winners!

Nice to have 5 winners today, a PLACE TRIPLE come in and a WIN DOUBLE. Shame I didn't put on a WIN ACCUMULATOR but there you go.

I am basically only putting up WIN / PLACE tips that my automated betting program is showing as "good bets" but my main aim was to target weak favourites to LAY.

Seeing there hasn't been many about the last few days I have tried putting up good tips anyway and like today they seem to do okay.

Let me know if you have any success following them.

Tips for the 26th November

Trying something new - going to do a PLACE accumulator over multiple days - maybe with days missing in-between.

Pick a strong favourite and put a place bet on it then take 90-80% of your profit over to the next bets stake.

PLACE (accum - over multiple days)
Malt Master - Newcastle - 14:55 WON (1st) - keep % of return for next step in multi day PLACE accumulator.

Wayward Prince - Newbury - 15:10 LOST (unplaced)

Cash And Go - Gowran Park - 12:50 WON (1st)
Call The Police - Gowran Park - 14:30 WON (1st)
Brave Alliance - Bangoer-On-Dee - 15:35 WON (2nd) or LOST (if doing a WIN single)

Peddlers Cross - Bangor-On-Dee - 12:10 WON (1st)
Big Buck's - Newbury - 14:35 WON (1st)

Malt Master - Newcastle - 14:55 WON (1st)
Brave Alliance - Bangoer-On-Dee - 15:35 LOST (2nd)

Other Good Sites - From The Stables

I thought you might be interested in one of the racing sites I have been involved in developing

If you want inside information straight from the trainers themselves on which horses they have running each day and what they think their chances are then is a good site to check out and sign up as a member to.

Not only can you get a 7 day free trial with this promo code > TWIT001RaceHorseInfo

The site also has a great tipster by the name of Ken Pitterson (last months ROI was over 150%) and he visits a different course each day and watches the horses in the paddock whilst updating his online blog at with his thoughts.

You can find out more about him over here >> and I also have a promo code for his tips TWIT005RaceHorseInfo which will give you a combo trial on for  7 days.

This will give you access not only to the Trainers daily insights but also Ken Pitterson's daily TIPS and another TIPSTER Stuart Redding who specialises in Each Way Tips and also has a monthly profit worth looking into.

The site will send you emails out each day with info about winners, special deals, horse ownership offers and other whispers of information they hear from the many connections they have with the UK trainers they are involved with.

Worth checking out.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Tips for the 25th November

Nice to have a WIN Double and PLACE Double come in yesterday with Celtus and Barenger and then  Grands Crus and Zaidpour.

No Weak Favourite LAYS's as of yet but..


Baaher - Musselburgh - 13:15 WON (1st)


Aigle D'or - Newbury - 15:15 LOST (unplaced)
Mono Man - Newbury - 15:50 WON (3rd)


Kie - Musselburgh - 12:40 WON (1st)
Ranjaan - Newbury - 13:00 LOST (2nd)


Beneficial Reform - Doncaster - 15:05 (trade if possible)  LOST (1st)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tips for the 24th November

Nice to see the LAY bet lose yesterday coming in 3rd.

The LAY's seem to be storming it and we have had some nice wins as well.

No LAY's today yet but I will put them up if the computer says so!


Right Stuff - Newbury - 15:20 LOST (3rd)
Lutine Charlie - Kempton Park - 18:10 LOST (unplaced)


Celtus - Newbury - 13:00 WON (2nd)
Barenger - Newbury - 15:50 WON (1st)


Grands Crus - Newbury - 14:10 WON (1st)
Zaidpour - Thurles - 14:40 WON (1st)


Dannanceys Hill - Uttoxeter - 15:40 LOST (2nd)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tips for the 23rd November

At last, a weak favourite to lay yesterday! And it lost as expected so ££££.

No weak favourites as of yet today but...


Felix Yonger - Cork - 14:30 LOST (2nd)


Cotton Trader - Lingfield Park - 14:10 WON (3rd)
Dawn Ride - Wetherby - 15:05 LOST (unplaced)


Volcan Surprise - Wetherby  - 14:35 WON (2nd)
Call Me A Star - Wetherby - 15:35 WON (1st)


Clinical - Kempton Park - 18:35 (not a weak fav lay bet) WON (3rd)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tips for the 22nd November


Bound For Glory - Sedgefield - 13:00 WON (1st)


Waahej - Southwell - 15:10 WON (2nd)


PLACE - Bound For Glory - Sedgefield - 13:00 WON (1st)
WIN - Kid Cassidy - Lingfield Park - 13:20 LOST (unplaced)


Kiora - Marseille - 17:10 WON (4th)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tips for the 21st November

Not much going on but:


Muldoon's Picnic - Ludlow - 13:10 LOST (unplaced)
Herdsman - Ffos Las - 13:20 LOST (unplaced)


Midnight Appeal - Kempton Park - 15:10 LOST (unplaced)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another good day for the AutoBOT

Another good day for my AutoBOT, with almost a 5 out of 6 strike rate in all 3 areas, WIN Singles, LAY's and PLACE bets with only one horse letting me down - Flaming Gorge - who was supposed to be the favourite but came an appalling 12th out of 15.

I am hoping tomorrow will see the return of some low risk weak favourite LAY bets to get stuck into but if the WIN bets and high priced place bets keep coming in then I cannot complain and I will post the best picks that my computer system throws up when it does.

Tips for the 21st November

Still no good stand out Weak FAV LAYS as of yet.

PLACE / Each Way

Flaming Gorge - Exeter - 14:00 LOST (unplaced)
Theologist - Exeter - 13:00 WON (3rd)


Harry The Viking - Towcester - 13:45 WON (1st)
Knight Pass - Exeter - 15:00 WON (1st)

LAYS (not weak favs)

Grand Article - Towcester - 13:15  WON (2nd)
Ilongue - Towester - 15:15 WON (came last)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Today's TIPS

Once again the LAY bets had a full 100% strike rate with 2 out of 2 and whilst their prices 11/2 and 13/2 were quite high for people who like to LAY if you have the money to risk I can reel out LAY bets all day long if you don't mind risking prices above 3/1.

I had a winner with Grandouet at an SP of 8/13 and a nice PLACE victory for Opus Maximus which at 12/1 would have given you a nice each way price or good PLACE price on betfair.

What I am trying to do with my computer system at the moment however is identify Weak Favourites to LAY and the system does this very well.

However it does mean that I don't always have bets every day and I know some punters like to bet each day which is why even when I don't have a list of Weak Favourites with low prices I will try and put some possible bets down.

However the core aim of this site is to make money from weak favourites at a low risk so it is up to you whether or not to take any of the other bets I might Tip. 

However keep in mind that I am personally going for Weak Favourites to LAY and anything else listed is just a possible to keep in mind if you like the look of it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Tips for the 20th November

Hoping for some LAY's today but still haven't had any come up so here are some WIN / PLACE bets that have been flagged as good chances.

WIN Bets

Grandouet - Haydock Park - 12:15 WON (1st)
Long Run - Haydock Park - 15:05 LOST (2nd)
Gansey - Haydock Park - 15:40 LOST (unplaced)


Domtaline - Haydock Park - 12:15 LOST (3rd)
Diamond Harry - Haydock Park - 15:05 LOST (unplaced)

Gansey - Haydock Park - 15:40 LOST (unplaced)
Anquetta - Ascot - 15:20  LOST (unplaced)


Robinson Collonges - Haydock Park - 14:30 LOST (unplaced)
Domtaline - Haydock Park - 12:15 LOST (3rd)
Diamond Harry - Haydock Park - 15:05 LOST (unplaced)
Opus Maximus - Wolverhampton - 19:20 WON (2nd)

No weak favourite LAYS yet so far! But here are some LAYS that are not too high a price yet.

LAY Bets

Fantasy Fighter - Lingfield Park - 15:35 WON (4th)
Quite A Thing - Wolverhampton - 18:50 WON (5th)

Tips for the 18th November

There is nothing that the computer system has thrown up yet and I am looking for favourites to LAY at low prices. Whilst there are lots of higher priced favourites I don't want to put them up due to their price as everyone could LAY 33/1 horses with strong favourites all day long.

If any tips come along I will put them up as the system constantly scans at intervals looking for non runners and changes in the ground that all affect the chances of the runners.


Toubab - Haydock Park - 13:20 LOST (unplaced)
Mr Moonshine - Haydock Park - 13:55 WON (1st)


Toubab - Haydock Park - 13:20 LOST (unplaced)
Mr Moonshine - Haydock Park - 13:55 WON (1st)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tips for the 17th November

Well yesterday it was the turn of the LAY bets to storm it with 3 out of 3 winners.

This is an early report (02:41am) but so far I have the following WIN and PLACE TRIPLE Tips or you might choose to take each one and do a PLACE bet for each one singularly.

A good site that shows how you can make good money by accumulating PLACE wins over a period of days, even weeks is

I know I show PLACE accumulators for the same day but if you feel like there is a solid chance of a place then you may decide to make one wager on that selection and then roll over the profit to the next days solid selection.

A good way to go about it is to only put 80% of the return onto the next bet so that over time if you do manage 10 in a row your compound winnings can easily be in the tens of thousands but if you lose on the 9th bet then you have still made a profit!


Champagne Agent - Thurles - 15:45 LOST (2nd)


Storming Gale - Market Rasen - 13:50 LOST (unplaced)


Sertao - Market Rasen - 12:45 LOST (5th)
Romulus D'artaix - Wincanton - 14:10 WON (3rd)
Champagne Agent - Thurles - 15:45 WON (2nd)


Ereka - Kempton Park - 16:20 WON (3rd)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tips for the 16th November

Oh what a good day I had yesterday with all of my PLACE / Each Way bets winning.

If anyone put a WIN accumulator instead of that PLACE TRIPLE then well done! I know I had a PLACE Accumulator on the 3 horses in the PLACE TRIPLE and William Haigh which at a PLACE price of 3.30 and being the 3rd bet out of 4 made a nice little profit.

Anyway here is what I have so far (07:43) Only LAY's so far but if it changes I will let you know


Pena Dorada - Hexham - 13:10 LOST (4th)
Tonic Mellysse - Warwick - 14:30 LOST (unplaced)

PLACE / Each Way

Squad - Lingfield Park - 15:15 WON (joint 2nd)

Maizy Missile - Warwick 13:30 LOST (9th)


Pena Dorada - Hexham - 13:10 LOST (4th)
Tatispout - Warwick - 14:30 WON (1st)


Shannons Boy - Warwick - 15:30 WON (2nd)
Rocket Rob - Kempton Park - 16:40 WON (6th)
Yungaburra - Kempton Park - 17:10 WON (7th)

Tips for the 15th November

PLACE / Each Way Bets

Cinta - Marseille - 18:35 WON (2nd)
William Haigh - Southwell - 15:20 WON (1st)


Take Cover - Southwell - 12.20 WON (1st)
Ballyclough - Folkestone - 1.30 WON (1st)
Run To Fly - Folkestone - 3.30 WON (1st)


Carisamba - Marseille - 18:35 LOST (1st)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tipping Results and Strike Rate so far

Looks like my LAY bets are doing well so far with a 80% strike rate and most of the runners were shortish priced favourites.

5 out of 7 place bets gives a 71% strike rate

My wins have 3 out of 5 so 60% strike rate.

Early days and my custom Betfair BOT is constantly changing it's selections as the going changes, runner pull out and the strike rate for favourites and my own custom ranking changes throughout the day as results come in so the bets I put up here in the morning are not necessarily those I get myself (unfortunately).

For example today my BOT also picked out Phonic in the 16:10 at Wolverhampton for a LAY bet which won as it came in 4th.

So hey ho, cannot spend all day on this blog unfortunately and I will try and put up early suggestions from my BOT which on the upside will give you a chance to get the best price on Betfair but on the downside may mean that by the time of the race my BOT has ruled that runner out for one reason or another.

So far so good though!

Tips for the 14th November

Mixture of tips today.

Remember you cannot do PLACE accumulators in shops but a Betfair BOT will let you OR you can do it manually.

Some Tipsters sell systems that try to compound the PLACE winnings over a number of days and weeks.

If you try this method then pick out ONE horse a day you think will have the most chance of PLACING and put a bet on.

If it PLACES then take that money, and put 90% (change to suit) of the return on the next days TIP.

After only 10 or more places in a row you can end up with some decent wedge. Just make sure you keep the profit and don't throw it all back in the pot. Remember you haven't won anything until you have it in your hands!


Penny Max - Plumpton - 14:30 LOST (3rd)
Shernaz - Plumpton - 15:30 - WON 11/8


Frequency - Wolverhampton - 16:40 WON (1st) 
Woolfall Sovereign - Wolverhampton - 17:10 WON (2nd)
Dream of Fortune - Wolverhampton - 17:40 LOST (5th)
Opus Maximus - Wolverhampton - 14:20 LOST (6th)


Woolfall Sovereign - Wolverhampton - 17:10 - WON (2nd)
Dream of Fortune - Wolverhampton - 17:40 - LOST (came 5th)


Aikideau - 13:00 - Plumpton - WON (came 2nd)
Katies Tuitor - Leicester - 14:50 - WON (came 3rd)
Wood Fairy - Wolverhampton - 17:40 WON (came 10th)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tips for the 13th November

I know it's early in the morning but then that is how I roll at the weekend, up all night watching bad TV and analysing my computer system that predicts the next day's races and best picks.

So far I have these free tips for you but as conditions change and results come in I am sure more will be added.


Woolcombe Folly - Cheltenham - 13:45 LOST / WON (depending on WIN/PLACE) (came 2nd)

PLACE DOUBLE (Betfair BOT users only - or manually)

Woolcombe Folly - Cheltenham - 13:45 PLACED (Came 2nd)
Salubrious - Cheltenham - 16:00 LOST (came 7th)

LAY Bets

Pateese - Cheltenham - 14:20 WON (unplaced)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tips for the 12th November

After yesterdays 3 out of 3 I am hoping I don't suffer Tipsters Luck and hit a losing run.

However from an early reading and computer analysis these are the tips so far for today


Hinterland - Cheltenham - 13:20  -  WON
Vamizi - Wetherby - 14:45 - LOST

LAY Bets

Quel Esprit - Naas - 12:50  - LOST (came 1st)
Shinrock Paddy - Naas - 14:00 - WON (came 2nd)
Restless Harry - Cheltenham - 16:10 WON (came 3rd)
Miss Villefranche - Wolverhampton - 20:20 LOST (came 1st)

These are early tiips based on current going, full runners etc but the upside is the prices on Betfair will be better.

Tips for 11th Nov 2011

Here are my Tips for today - the 11th of November 2011

I use a custom made computer program I have created myself which analyses all the races every day, carrying out over 2 million calculations and comes up with the most likely bets to succeed.

TIPS for Today


Appeal in the 15:45 at Lingfield Park - WON at 7/4

Two LAY bets so far:

Poetic Power in the 18:45 at Wolverhampton - WON - Came 7th

Zalantoun in the 19:25 at Dundalk- WON - Came 5th

Good day today with all 3 bets winning. Look out for more UK Horse Racing TIPS tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Workforce winning the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

Workforce winning the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

Workforce was the horse that really got me back into horse racing when I had a bet on him in the 2010 Derby.

He came from the back of the field to storm past everyone else and won the Derby in record course time and in astonishing style. It was a great race to watch.

He then went on to become the Champion of Europe later that year by applying the same tactics in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

You can see Workforce in action below.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Frankel the Freak

Frankel the Freak

Frankel has been the best horse to watch in 2011 winning every one of his 9 races and everytime he has made the crowd go wild.

Watch Frankel the Freak in action below in 3 of his best races in 2011."

Here is the race that got everyones attention in 2011, the Qipco 2000 Guineas at Newmarket in which he led from the front the whole race in a feat that many reckon will never be seen again.

And here is Frankel again in the St James Palace Stakes.

This was a race that the jockey Tom Queally was criticised for his tactics due to his handling of the horse. He let the pacemaker take a long lead before using his fast turn of foot to speed up and take over from him very early on and then storming his way to the finish in a one of his closest finishes ever.

And here he is in the Qipco Sussex Stakes at Glorious Goodwood where he utterly destroyed the older contender for best horse over a mile Canford Cliffs.